Thursday, April 2, 2009

Week 8: Online Applications & Tools - Thing 18 & 19

Thing #18 - Take a look at some online productivity (word processing, spreadsheet) tools. Wow, Zoho writer is a very cool site! There are so many templates already created to use for free. I added a resume cover letter and their office suite is full of free applications to use. This could help library users when they need to do a resume or cover letter or anything else to create a ready made document. It would be even more helpful to write up a cheatsheet to hand out when necessary. This is a great web tool to introduce customers to in the Basic Internet Class.

Thing #19 - Take a look at LibraryThing and catalog some of your favorite books. My favorite books are at: Out of all of my favorite books, Crime and Punishment was the most poular with 5317 postings as a favorite. I will start using LibraryThing right away. I needed a place to stick all of my favorite storytime books. This way I can keep track of everything that works well in reading to the kids. I love this site!

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