Thursday, April 2, 2009

Week 6: Tagging, Folksonomies & Technorati - Thing 13, 14, & 15

Thing #13 - Learn about tagging and discover (a social bookmaking site). I registered on delicious through firefox. I've come to discover that there seems to be certain things you can not do as easily on internet explorer. This is frustrating but I am trying to switch over. And, every time I sign on to a new site I have to use different passwords. I have started to keep a file because I can't keep track of everything. But the good news is that I am learning. I got the delicious and tag sign up on the mozilla firefox interface. It is really cool to have all of your bookmarks in one place but I downloaded all of the bookmarks I had from internet explorer and dumped them into my delicious account. This might not have been the best idea. It might be better to start from scratch or try and add one at a time? This really has helped me to learn that there are better ways to organize information and that is so important. I really want to have everything organized into one nice neat space and I think that in time delcious will help me do this. It is also good to see what other people have bookmarked because most likely, some better sites have already been tagged. It's amazing all of the info you can get from just one tag!

Thing #14 - Explore Technorati and learn how tags work with blog posts. I did a keyword search usine "Learning 2.0" and came up with different results. For blog posts, I came up with 2,642 posts about doing the excersizes in learning 2.0 and I even recognized some of the blog posts. For tags, I got 260 tags. For blog directory, I got 75 blogs about learning 2.0. This means that more people should be tagging so as to track all of these blogs. There are so many blogs its incredible.On the popular favorites page of technorati, I watched two video clips. The first video clip was voted OK Go and was the famous "Here it Goes Again" with the 4 guys in suits on the treadmills. Wow, they must have really practiced lots. The second video was the FREE Hugs campaign where a guy holds up a sign that says Free Hugs and it takes awhile before people actually take free hugs. That was very inspiring. So it looks really easy to get videos recognized and out there. It's amazing how people come up with this stuff and even more amazing how quickly people become famous after a video posting.There seems to be many advatages to tagging, the biggest one being that you organize and compare your information searching against others information seeking. Tagging seems to help set up one's personal library. A disadvantage might be trying to reorganize one's favorites through a different type of identification process. This takes some getting use to but maybe only initially.

Thing #15 - Read a few perspectives on Web 2.0, Library 2.0 and the future of libraries and blog your thoughts. I read "Into a new world of librarianship." The main point of this article is that librarians need to sharpen their techno skills while keeping in mind what might be useful to library users. Librarians can be key players in using new web tools to help us better do our job and to forge innovative information seeking pathways. The whole point of being a Librarian 2.0 is to be creative and not afraid to make mistakes. A new school librarian looks to collarboration and implementing the best ideas while not being afraid to change one's information seeking worldview. I really liked this article and it seems totally relevant to working as a librarian today in the 21st century. This article also does well at explaing how library users are the ones who are creating content and new and improved ways to access info.Next, I read "Away from Icebergs," in which the writer claims there are 3 ways to block the future success of libraries. The first iceberg is having "a just in case" library collection. I am so glad to be at a branch where weeding is a "good thing." So many librarians out there still get very upset when we want to get rid of old, outdated materials! Usually, it is on the web and we need to remember our online content will far outlast the physical material. I like the fact that we can now think of blogs as an information source. The second iceberg is having a library system where you need to be taught how to use it. The goal is to be as user friendly as possible. This totally makes sense. Sometimes, the staff does not even know how to best use our research tools which is a big problem and indicator that we still have much work to do. The last iceberg is the "come to us" model of service. We really need to remind ourselves to give customers what they want and need on their terms as opposed to our terms. People that need to find library info online need to be able to do so from any location they choose. I really identified with this article. I think that everyday I work one of these icebergs drifts in front of my path and I am constantly rowing my boat in the world wide web while showing others how to use their paddles as best I can.Library 2.0 has become a way for me keep learning the current technologies and how to best understand and apply them to how I navigate through this vast sea of information. It really has been the best life jacket thus far.

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