Thursday, April 2, 2009

Week 5: Play - Thing 10, 11 & 12

Thing #10 - Wow, I really had fun with the wordle online image generator! I finally figured out how to get the image right and post it. The possibilities are endless . . . The following is a wordle of my favorite Children's Book Titles:
Wordle: Favorite Children's Books
Thing #11 - So I started a new Library Thing account for the picture books I like to use for storytime. I like the idea of having a special catalog of my favorites. Here's the link:
Thing #12 - I created a searchroll on Rollyo titled "Help Children Search." I like being able to access a site where you can organize your favorite web sites. I need to add many more searchrolls to make it worth it. I can see using this at work as a way to help Children with homework help, reader's advisory (especially navigating through series), non-fiction reference and learning the dewey decimal system. Librarians now have access to really cool web tools that can help make our jobs much easier in offering better customer service. Link to my searchroll (just a start):

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