Thursday, April 2, 2009

Week 1: Introduction - Thing 1 & Thing 2

Thing #1 - Ok, I'm finally starting this. I've done this program before but it was in 2007 and I've forgotten some of the web 2.0 applications. I have been covering for other staff members to do the "27 things" but I really need to catch up. I'm excited because I know I need a refresher course and I can't wait to actually try twitter. Is it really that addictive? Well, I guess I will find out. Plus, I really want that free flash drive!

Thing #2 - Yes, I remember the seven and a half habits of lifelong learners. I think the easiest habit of a highly successful lifelong learner for me is habit # 7 1/2! Play! Maybe its due to being a children's librarian but I love to play and I find that my most successful learning endeavors have been due to my willingness to play with new ideas. Storytime is the best example. I truly have fun doing storytimes I think because I try to get the kids to play along with me in whatever song we are singing or story we are reading. I created the idea of Finger Pilates to do every time before we sing itsy bitsy spider.

The hardest habit for me is habit#6: using technology to your own advantage. Because I want to learn and play so much, I have a somewhat of a hard time keeping up with all of the newest and latest technologies I want to try. The dreaded video cameras, cell phones, mp3 players, etc. Seriously, I wish I could buy one gadget to cover it all. I'm still researching the new iphone and my friend just gave me his old flip video which looks really easy to use. It just takes time to continually sort this stuff out. I think there is a discovery excersie about technology related websites so I think that will help. I love technological short-cuts!


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  2. Looking forward to your thoughts about the 27 Things.