Thursday, April 2, 2009

Week 4: RSS & Newsreaders - Thing 8 & 9

Thing #8 - Ok, I set up a Bloglines account to get library related news fed through my saclibrary email. This way I can keep up on all the latest news in the wonderful world of libraries. I also set up RRS feeds for news through my outlook.

Thing #9 - For my blog, I signed up for RSS feeds through the American Libraries Association. This is so cool! I spotted a feed that reads "Make literacy learning easy with songs and activities." This will really help with gathering new ideas for the next round of storytimes and great ideas for the back-to-school class visits which are now being booked. I also set up an RSS feed through Library School Journal Web 2.0 news. I like the option of linking feeds through emails and/or blogs. Having the convenience of news-updates coming to me rather than me searching for stuff is so much easier. It's really the easiest way to keep informed. The only problem is too much info. I guess the idea is to spot check everything to see what's most useful right now. I also liked using technorati (best way to look up specific types of blogs) and google reader as well.

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